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Tuesday, December 17, 2002

Some Christmas cheer:

Some deeply warped Christmas humor here . Now, this Santa might get me the presents I really want. Like, say, a custom-tuned Baer .45 semiauto. Or Liv Tyler, fetchingly attired in nothing but a pair of Arwen ears.

I actually did get a really peculiar Christmas present from a stranger this morning. It was a gourmet frying pan with a Tux-the-Linux-Penguin on it. And an earnest cover letter explaining that it is #8 of a special limited edition of 1024. Made by a German cookwares company that has gotten good service out of Linux and decided to commemmorate the fact.


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Monday, December 16, 2002

And now for something completely different:

Still working on the book. But here is a touching essay by ace hacker Mike Taht on the rewards and trials of engineering.

UPDATE: Only 6 days after resorting to the internet for help - Michael Taht has found his nephew Josh! Read PostCards from the Bleeding Edge for details.

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